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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  June 14, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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good morning everyone. i am patti ann browne. >> i am ainsley earhardt. it is thursday june 14th. thank you for watching "fox & friends first". >> it is time now for your 5@5:00. a manhunt on the way in new york state for a drama surgeon believed to be armed and dangerous. police calling dr. timothy jordan a former weapons expert special forces a person of interest in the shooting death of 33-year-old jacquelyn whiz n
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wisnoski. she worked as a receptionist and was jordan's ex-girlfriend. police came up empty handed during a search in jordan's home in lakeview. developing story overnight. a plane crashed during a training mission injuring all five crew members on board. the crew taken to an area hospital. their conditions not being released at this time. the off spray flies like an airplane but lands and takes off like a helicopter. the cause of the crash is under investigation. the he apologized for jp morgan's 2 billion loss. jamie dimon takes full responsibility for the loss but more government regulation is not the answer. >> thousands of rules and regulations we not find them all given informed add vyings to some of them. there are some we think don't make sense.
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we think we are entitled to the ones that don't make sense. >> it could cost some of the senior executives their salaries. the field will soon be revealed for all to see a. judge in florida ordering the lease of crime scene photos witness accounts, a stress test given to george sglirm man and conversations between him and his wife. they have a public records law dating back to 1967. the u.s. anti doping agency planning to file charges against him saying he used performance enhancing drugs blood transfusions testosterone and masking agents. in a statement lance armstrong says these are the same charges the justice department choose not to pursue after a two-year invest dwags. i have never doped unlike many of my accusers i have competed as an endurance athlete for 25
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years with no spike in performance passed more than 500 drug tests and never failed one of them. those are your 5@5:00. in a few hours president obama will head to the swing state in ohio to deliver a speech on the economy. his plans are getting a chilly reception from depende penfrom. >> first let's start in cleveland ohio where president obama will give this major economic speech. the white house told us late last night it will center on his belief the economy grows from the middle class up not from the top down. the president will not outline any new ideas to deal with the economic crisis. mitt romney tried to get out in front of it anyway yesterday talking to business leaders here in dc. >> we will acknowledge it isn't going so well and he will be asking for four more years. instead of three years and he is out he wants four more years.
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my own view is that he will speak eloquently. but the words are cheap. the record of an individual as the basis upon which you determine whether they should continue to hold on to their job. about an hour after mitt romney's prebutt el yesterday the white house press secretary jay carney said this about the president's philosophy. >> the president believes this election is a fundamental choice between three very different visions how we create middle class jobs and pay down our debt. the other is a 5 trillion cut while helping the investments need to grow. pay it down in a balanced way the way supported by majority of the american people. >> today's speech is important for president obama because in a new abc news "washington post" poll 54 percent of independent voters see the president's economic plan in a negative light verses only 38 percent who
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viewed it positively. romney is in slightly better shape. 47 percy his plan unfavorably but 35 percent view them favorably. he has wiggle room because more folks are undecided when it comes to romney's plan. >> those are those numbers. thank you so much. time for "look who's talking." >> things getting heated on hannity. michelle mal come and juan williams de lated the alleged white house leaks. david singher said that the obama administration explicitly did not stop him from running the story. it was clearly a strategic leak to a grandized obama at a time when he was under fire from the right, left the center. it has been a very bad week very bad month for barack obama. these articles came out to fluff
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his feathers. they can look gt good at the expense of national security. >> reporters talked to officials that's not classified. we want to know what the government is doing and make decisions. with regard to this stuff sean is talking about when you look for example at the cyber warfare effort that's a constantly evolving thing. it's not been the case that nobody knows about it everybody has talked about it. >> pardon me -- >> it does not give them any classified information. >> sure they did. >> i doubt it, shawn. they discussed a fact that they -- >> they talked about a secret program to undermine iran's nuclear program using cyber weapons. >> sean, this has been widely discussed and reported and in papers. what david sanger did, i think david did a great job with the go to public officials people who represent the american people. >> when you -- >> heated is right. michelle malkin will be on "fox
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& friends" this morning 8:00 a.m. make sure you stay tuned for that. it is time now for your first degree weather update. make sure you grab the umbrella before you head out in some parts of the country. >> i have good news and bad. start off with the good news. the east coast looking great. northeast into the weekend i know everybody is happy about that it has been dreary. east coawest coast not much to k about it. dry warm across the southwest as they continue to battle wildfires. across the central u.s. that's where we are seeing the active weather. you can see parts of the dakotas in towards minnesota that's where we are seeing the showers and thunderstorms. we could see large hail damaging winds isolated tornadoes down through the central plains keep that in mine if you live in these areas.
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92 in kansas city. 96 san antonio. beautiful 76 in new york city. still very warm at 95. all of the major cities looking splendid today. wall to wall sunshine. new york city to san francisco another spectacular day mostly good news on the weather department today. coming up at the bottom of the hour we are talking about the tropics. things are starting to heat up a little bit. >> janice dean, thank you. a fox news alert now cell phone giant nokia is cutting 10,000 jobs bay the end of the year. more bad news for homeowners across america. the number of homes facing foreclosure increases. joining us is lauren simonetti. what does this mean for home values? >> the numbers show a 16 percent rise in foreclosure filings over may of last year.
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this means home values are likely going to go down. even if your home is not in foreclosure we are faor facing for foreclosure that brings the value of your hometown. prices are going lower. >> gas prices going lower. still averaging about 4 nap mentd>> colling r. >> conway north carolina lisout for gas. people lining up because people know it's not going to go lower. talking $5.02 months ago. >> people are bringing their jugs literally. >> what is the financial value of daddy duties around the house. people ran the numbers. >> if you are going to pay dad for killing the bugs and mowing the lawn he would make about 20,000 dollars a year.
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moms make more for doing all of the household chores. she makes about 60,000 a year according to this study. the good news is despite the difference in what they do how much they are paid for it is that dad is making more as the years go by because he's doing more of the household chores. we have more dads that stay at home. >> and to be fair it's still traditionally the dads who are also working full-time. >> he has a regular job, too. >> lauren simonetti fox business network. 10 after the hour. coming up image driving down the highway and seeing this on the side of the road. the amazing ending to this fiery situation and do you always follow directions? >> make a right turn. >> wait, wait, wait. it means their right. >> no, it said right. take a right. >> no, no, no.
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it means go up to the right their right over the bridge. >> make a right turn. >> it said go to the right. >> it can't mean that. there's no light there. >> he goes right into the light. >> there is another guy not michael scott who is suing because he got lost. [ male announcer ] introducing a powerful weapon in your fight against bugs. ortho home defense max. with a new continuous spray wand. and a fast acting formula. so you can kill bugs inside, and keep bugs out. guaranteed. ortho home defense max.
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>> 14 after the hour. image driving down the highway and seeing this. a tractor trailer engulfed in massive flames in texas. the driver walked away with minor injuries.
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the justice department will not retry him encore rupgs charges. two weeks ago the federal judge declared a mistrial after jurors founded cards not guilty on one count and were deadlocked on five others. >> he is not responsibility for the ballooning deficit. that is the republicans who quote dined and dashed. >> it's like somebody goes to a restaurant orders a big steak dinner just as you are sitting down they leave and accuse you have running up the tab. >> laura ingram responding to those comments last night on "the o'reilly factor." >> numbers on this are devastating no matter how he parses his words and uses the cute restaurant analogy doesn't change the fact that now we have more money added to our national debt during his 3 and a half years than we had added to the
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national get. that is a staggering figure. he's right, bush didn't over spend and ov-- did over spend a over spent big. to the country's detriment and their party's detriment. president obama has one upped that. instead of learning from what the republicans did he says i will have another and another. >> it's time now to brew on this. >> shows you a situation before the break from the show "the office." that is all too real for a new york man he got lost after asking suri for directions. he's suing apple saying it is not as helpful as the star studded advertisements might lead you to believe. >> is that rain? a oo yes, it appears to be
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raining. >> let's have food delivered. >> i found a bunch of restaurants. >> good. because i don't want to put on real shoes. >> the guy says ads like that convinced him to buy the iphone 4 s. once he got it he said it was a dud not understanding his request or taking too long to answer him. all customers have the option to return the phone if they are not satisfi satisfied. it is a beta technology which means it is a work in progress. >> we want to know if you should take siri seriously. you can tweet to us at fox friends first or e-mail us at the time is 17 after the hour. school is out for summer. it is not see relaxing if you don't have a job. three companies are hiring
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college graduates. plus a warning about one of the most popular cars in america. before we head to break let's take a quick look at the prices at the bump. the national average 3.53 a gallon. ♪
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>> united airlines flight attendant is in severe condition after a plane hit turbulence.
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four others were also hurt. honda voluntarily recalls 50,000, 2012 civics. it has the inability to stop rolling when parked. there have not been any reported accidents or deaths. teenagers are having a tough time. a startling new report says only 30 percent were able to lock in summer jobs. while teens are struggling college grads have news. association of colleges and employers businesses are expect to go hire 10.2 percent more new college grads this year than they did last year. who is hiring? cheryl casone knee is here to tell us. >> i will get to the company. i want to add one more interesting thing to what you just told viewers. 50 percent of college grads last year were either under employed or jobless in 2011.
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they are coming out of school loaded up with debt and can't find work. in under employment they can maybe try part-time work. this is a technology consulting firm. it is a well-known technology consulting firm. you have to add certain pieces of a degree or at least experience. you have to have a degree in computer sigh ents degree. they have about 900 openings available right now. these are full-time positions but they are looking for grads. they are telling us babasically if it's an internship there could be a chance to be hired full-time. you may have to intern. if you have nice parents you may have to stay home. >> intern, intern, intern. >> in television all of the time. >> key wick corporation is a construction engineering company. they are telling us they are looking for new grads.
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they have 22 staff positions that are open right now. 15,000 craft employees are available. staff positions are managers construction site managers. now if you are going to be a craft laborer welder laborer it's physical work. i have a friend who came out with a business degree back in the day and ended up drive ago beer truck for a year because he couldn't find a job. >> nothing wrong with a little hard work. >> a job is a job try mcdonalds. americorps is my favorite. chairman and ceo were interns or brand new hires out of college. >> they work their way up. >> the guys running the company were at one time at the bottom of the company. habitat for humanity. they place new grads, american
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red cross, boys and girl's club. the money it's rough. this is 80,000 open positions this year but you are looking to make 12,000 dollars for a little more than 1700 hours of service. having said that there is a scholarship reimburse one in this one. 5,550 dollars back toward your scholarship money or toward a student loan. >> payoff your student loan debt as well. >> this is service and think of the experience. >> if you are building out a resume having something like a service oriented job is wonderful. >> i am going to be adding more of this on my blog this afternoon. i am going to be writing up a brand new post today. specifically geared toward these new grads and i am getting a lot of e-mails from teenagers. >> the show is at noon today from fox business network. patti over to you. patti ann sorry. 25 after the hour. coming up it looks like a theme from a disaster movie.
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this is real life for one town getting a surprise from mother nature. take me out to the ball game. please don't cheer. a proposal for a section that will leave you speechless. >> in 1916 on this day president woodrow wilson established june 14th as a flag day. that's today, folks.
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>> take a look at this shot of the morning. it looks like the soda bans are really sinking in here. they are already swimming down. look at that. welcome back to "fox and friends first. i am patti ann browne. it's your 5@5:30. >> an explosion in downtown los angeles leaves one person dead. two others hurt three in critical condition. no word yet on what caused the blast. baseball sized hail falling hard and fast all across dallas. look at the scene. it looked like a scene in a disaster movie.
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>> wow. the hail covering so much of the ground there that it looked like it snowed in the middle of june. even the marquis in the lakewood theater was damaged. dozens of cars in the neighborhood had windows or wind shields smashed. check out the erie clouds monte leonard set to make his first appearance later this morning. he turned himself into authorities yesterday after leaving police on a wild 3 day manhunt. awe person student athletes are planning a candlelight vigil tonight. >> governor christie will join governor cuomo and kwiek el
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bloomberg to help the progress of one world trade center. christie one of mitt romney's biggest supporters. >> the mets mace ball franchise having a quiet section at city fields. it would be lower volume pa system and no cheering. they will see how they feel about the proposed silent treatment. >> i guess we know ainsley's view. >> it will be a busy day on the campaign trail as president obama hits the road. he has his work cut out for him. new polls shows majority giving the thumbs down on his plan for the economy. >> president obama heads to battle ground state of ohio for a speech. doug luzader is live in washington with the latest. >> mitt romney and the president competing essential loifr time slots today. 250 miles apart in the critical swing state in ohio.
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the white house won't say much about his speech in cleveland. this is built as a framing speech on the economy. >> it is between very different visions for how we drove the economy create middle class jobs and pay down or debt. otter size plan is a $5 trillion tax cut that explodes the deficit while gutting the investments we need to grow. the president's plan pays down the deficit in a balanced way the way it is supported by the way of the american people. will that sell voters. a majority of independent voters 54 percent have a negative take on the president's economic plan. while romney's numbers on the economy aren't great they are a little better. 47 percent of independent voters aren't so crazy about his economic plan 35 percent of them are supported.
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romney meantime offered a preview of the president's speech. he will acknowledge it isn't going so well. instead of 3 years and he is out he wants four more years. he will speak eloquently but the words are cheap and the record of an individual is the basis upon which you determine whether they should continue to hold on to their job. >> romney will be appearing today in cincinnati. this is just a start of the massive attention ohio has to look forward to over the next 4 and a half months or so. back to you guys. doug luzader live in washington. thank you. the 2012 race is another big talker. bill 'ole putti bill o'reilly rile putting him on the hot seat. >> it is all because the latino vote is so crucial. i believe the latinos are
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the jump ball in our politics. i believe in this republican party this election and every other one will hinge on whether the latino goes the way of the black vote and is permanently 90 percent democrat. whether it goes the other way of other immigrant groups. >> i agree with you. i have 30 seconds left. did you see rubio on the program last week. >> totally changed his demeanor. >> very good. >> first tiechlz on no way. >> there's a problem with him, though. he is so -- i am getting complaints from all over that nobody can meet with him, nobody can talk to him. nobody returns calls. there's a little bit of presidentiality going on. >> romneromney's ability to carw mexico and nevada hinges on getting that latino vote. before you lei leave the ho
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this morning let's get an update from janice dean. >> tropical storm car lata in the pacific our third named storm in the pass sieve fic. pr -- passive fcific. it will continue to make it's northwesterly tour over the next several days. by friday becoming a hurricane as it continues to move northwest and dropping down to a tropical storm. we have to monitor this area. we have a lot of beautiful resort towns here. if you are taking a trip catch carlotta. >> west looks dry. bad news for the wildfires in parts of colorado and new mexico where firefighters continue to battle ongoing wildfires it's dry and wendy and unfortunately very hot. >> east coast clearing out nicely. we have been dealing with soggy
2:37 am
wet weather. a good looking forecast for the weekend. for much of the east coast and west coast it's the central u.s. you will see potential for storms. 50s and 60s. 68 in albuquerque. 89 in phoenix. it will be a warm day yet again today. morning travel if you are headed to the airports good conditions on both coasts. boston, new york city, dallas shouldn't have any problems at all. all of the flights should be up there and adam. good looking forecast for much of the day today in memphis. we will keep an eye on carlotta for the next couple days. >> keep us posted. one of those names you have to say twice. janice, thanks. time now james hatfield makes a flee to find a fan
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killer. >> they want to catch the person responsible for murdering morgan harrington. if you have seen the person in the sketch or have any about the case or any others please contact your local police. the virginia tech student disappeared in october of 2009 after a concert in virginia. her remains were found three months later. right now there is up to a 150,000 dollar reward to find this guy. courtney cox in the news filing her own divorce papers. lake her estranged husband david arquette she is asking for joint custody of her 8-year-old daughter but made no mention of a pre-nup. she requested to drop her married name. >> now for a p roundup of all of the sports stories. matt cane making history overnight in san francisco. >> on the ground from deep, got
2:39 am
him. that's a perfect game. >> cain becoming the first giant's picture ever to throw a perfect game. >> it is just the 22nd perfect game in major league history. was there also a no hitter on the east coast? the mets say there was. they are filing an appeal. they say this play should have been ruled an error instead of a hit. david wright unable to field it with his bare hands. >> tebow revealing the jets asked him to gaint. >> it is 39 minutes after the hour. the self proclaimed mastermind of the 9-11 attack acting like a diva mind bars. wait until you hear about his wardrobe request. >> the green agenda could force you to install solar panels on your roof even if you don't want them? before you take a break let's go with jimmy fallon last night. >> snooki paul lee dean and the
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situation will make $35 million for this year's season of jersey shores. if you put your mind to something work hard you are wasting your time. ♪
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>> it is 43 after the hour. let's span the globe and see what stories are making headlines overseas. three suspected militants were killed in pakistan. a u.s. drone hit a building in the northwestern country close to the afghan border. this is a second attack in the region in less than 24-hours. next to japan where fed-ex pilots made a delivery. they returned items that washed up in alaska. somehow folks managed to use clues to locate the owners
2:44 am
overseas. astonia smooth sailing for the soapbox racers. the youngest person in the bua 12-year-old girl. the campaigns are in full swing. it's almost impossible to watch tv without coming across one of the mol cal political ad. is there a correct way to watch and analyze these ads? james has more. political ad tizing has evolved considerably with traditional radio and tv spots competing with web videos up loaded to youtube. the most famous political ad of all times is one from the art form's early dayings and it only aired once. >> 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2,
2:45 am
1. >> these are the stakes. >> president lyndon johnson used the prevailing nuclear anxiety of the cold war to fright ten voters what a goldwater presidency could mean. today's ads make daisy look like childs play. typical spot such as this web only video romney campaign about bane capital used state of the art cinematography and editing told the story of indiana steel plant in which bane capitol invested and 6,000 workers. adam gar finkel former speech writer and editor of the american interest is the author on a new book political writing. in our request he reviewed the romney video and other recent spots. >> in the past people could judge the attempted manipulation these ads are all about against a background with a conversation in which policy issues are identified debated and
2:46 am
discussed. the political narrative in this country has fallen into such impoverishment there is little context against which to judge these things. >> to watch them properly and get the best use of them as a voter they authorized viewers to take a pen and pad and think of slogans and other pieces of political lange wauj you see here. thank you, james, it is 46 after the hour. just when you thought you heard it all about solyndra now we are finding out there are two things the government hasn't told us about the bankrupt solar company. >> it could be the biggest medical break through in the fight against cancer. could the cure be found in the common cold? >> last charnce to answer our question of the day. we want to know what you think about this. should apple's -- should we take apple's iphone siri seriously? >> brian kilmeade has what's next on "fox & friends". >> good morning to you.
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great show as usual. what's coming up straight ahead. blood and guts. i am talking about benjamin patton grandson of george s. patton he is here with a side of history we have not yet seen. john stossel the libertarian thought. michelle mar kin can be opinionated i have heard. bristol palin will be here and massachusetts senator scott brown. lots of people think essexy one of which is ian. fox and friends starts in just a few minutes.
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>> quick headlines for you. a brand new weapon in the fight against cancer. a recent study by british researches suggest the common cold virus can kill cancer cells and trigger an immune response which helps eliminate leftover cancer cells. the aichg cost average cost tod a new house in california doup 1100 new bucks new homes equipped are solar bills. they will save more in energy costs. speaking of solar solyndra back in the news. the solar panel company went bankrupt last august despite receiving half a billion dollar loan funded by you the tax payer. we are finding out more people were laid off than originally reported. diane macedo brings down those numbers for us. >> when sol linda de -- solyndra
2:52 am
declared bankruptcy they call it had a coverup. two things the company and the government hadn't told us. first despite reporting it laid off 110 workers they have sent hoar home 1900 workers packing. they fail to do sell all of the panels they increased production in 2011 so much so solyndra had enough unsold panels to power about 23 thousand homes. that new information not only shows more wasted tax payer money it took a freedom of information act from the citizen labor department to disclose these numbers also doesn't look so great. turns out the information was uncovered nearly a year ago when fbi agents raided solyndra to investigate whether it lied to get the infamous government loan. they are still investigating whether the obama administration
2:53 am
tried to cover up how badly the company was really doing. we the tax mayors may be on the hook for even more money in this mess. the labor department ruled solyndra shut down because of pressure from foreign markets making workers eligible for additional aid like extended unemployment benefits job training and relocation subsidies. 52 workers received that aid at a total cost of 450,000 dollars. you can image if the remaining 1800 cashed in that's a good amount of money coming from the american taxpayers. >> diane macedo, thank you. >> thanks, ladies. >> make a right turn. >> no, no, it means their right. >> no. it said right. it said take a right. >> no, no, look t. means go up to the right their right over the bridge. >> make a right turn. >> it said go to the right. >> it can't mean that.
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>> he knows where it is going. >> the machine knows. >> this is the light. >> stop yelling at me. stop yelling at me. >> that's the short cut. ool easterly in the show we asked you to brew on this. the man is suing apple saying siri doesn't perform as advertised. >> we are asking you should we take that siri gps system seriously? john crawford he can relate he e-mailed up yesterday siri guided me to the paper store. when i got to the location i literally got to nothing but trees. thanks, siri. >> absolutely not. are you going to turn your life over to a voice on a smart phone sgh get real. >> hosea garcia wrote i never take any apple or feature on a phone seriously. the app is as smart as the person operating it. thank you to the people who responded. keep the comments coming. 54 after the hour he
2:55 am
admitted to plotting the 9-11 attacks. should he be allowed to wear anything he wants in court? >> it is the word of the day all scrambled up. there it is. can you figure out what this is? stick around for the answer.
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>> two minutes until the top of the hour. we look at the good, the bad and the ugly. first the good. the paralyzed teen walking across the stage. patrick was paralyzed from the neck down when he was hit by a car. with the help of a custom made walker and six hours of therapy, he proved them all wrong. and next, the bad.
2:59 am
a accused master mind wanting to wear a uniform for the trial. the defendant claims this violates the right to a fair trial . the ugly. and not a woman, carrey sherman, a big wig in the recording industry . not a woman like the national journal claims. the publication apologizes for the mix up. >> it is time for the scrambled up. gretchin is here. >> gretchin: they call would that guy a woman? condition. addiction. >> we have tried to figure it out. we need the first letter. direction.


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